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How to copy all the website content without read more

Disable read more while copy website content

How to copy all the website content, some websites are not allowing this now.
In some websites while copy paste website content then paste only a small portion of the content with read more and website link. If you need to copy all the website content then this trick is for you.
Here is the steps to copy all website content
open up mozilla browser
copy paste following on browser address area
click on I accept the risk button

Now search for dom.event.clipboardevents.enabled

Double click on the key (set it to false)

If you are getting screen like above then you are done.
Now visit any website and copy all the contents what you want :)

Technical details: System using a small memory to use copy paste action .This memory is called clipboard.When you copy anything then that content will store in clipboard. When you paste then CLIPBOARD content will come up where your cursor located .
Some websites accessing your clipboard and o…
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Remove android screen pattern , pin or password

How to open locked android phone ? . How to bypass Android’s lock screen pattern, PIN or password ? Just reset phone is the solution What is reset Performing a reset on your mobile phone will delete all of the data and restore it to its factory settings. if you are performing this using your mobile then Make sure that you've backed up all of your important data before starting this resetting.
Master Reset steps -Follow this steps to remove lock
switch off your mobilePress and hold down the Power button,Home button and the Volume Up button at the same timeWait for a vibrate then release only the Power button.Wait for the android System Recovery screen then you can release the Home and Volume Up keys.Press the Volume Down button until the “Wipe data / factory reset” option is highlighted.Press the Power key to select the option.Press the Volume Down button until "Delete all user data” is highlighted.Press the Power button once again to select the option. wait for the messa…

Avoid playing whatsapp audio in music player

Trick to avoid playing any whatsapp audio -whatsapp recorded file in music player On your computer, open notepad, don’t write anything and save the file as .nomedia. This will create an empty file on your computer. Make sure that the Save as type is set as “All Files” instead of “Text documents”
Connect your phone to your computeropen up your phone in computertake phone memory > whatsapp folder > media folder > whatsapp audiocopy -paste already created file in to this folder [whatsapp audio]
disconnect your phone from computer and restart mobileNow open music player and check -whatsapp audios will not come up in playlist How it works? This method doesn’t do anything it just stops media files from looking in Whatsapp directory and hence those pictures, videos and audios can be made to disappear. When your media player scans the device for music, it skips any folder containing a .nomedia file Another method if computer is not available Download ES File Explorer from the Google P…

Get direct link to one specific Facebook wall post

To share a specific face book post to your friends you need exact link of that page .If you need to manually get a direct link to one specific wall post on Facebook do the following steps
Open up face book in a web browser Go to the post you want to share click on post time label,it is located under the post title(the one that says how long ago this post was made) Time link will lead in to a separate page that shows only that post and its comments copy this page link and distribute ,This page link leading to the specific post on Facebook

Keep up laptop data 100% safe

If your laptop or computer gets stolen ,a reinstalling of OS will remove the password .then everyone can access your computer hard disc data .
How to break windows password?
To prevent this type data stolen I prefer to set a BIOS password for your system . The BIOS password is not for a particular OS [windows] but for the computer .So no one can login to your computer without your BIOS password

Set BIOS password-Steps
Turn on your PCPress F2 or F10(opens the BIOS set up)Use the arrow keys to move to BIOS securityCLICK on administrator password and then enter your preferred passwordSave your changes
Now every time you boot up your computer you will be asked for a BIOS password
BIOS password will also not allow anyone to install os from a pen drive like ubuntu BIOS password will also not allow anyone to install os from a pen drive like ubuntu BIOS password will also not allow anyone to install os from a pen drive like ubuntu BIOS password will also not allow anyone to install os from a pen driv…

Break Windows password

This trick is to unlock windows pc or laptop .
Follow the steps to open up password restricted computer

Install ubuntu OS on a pendrive(Make a bootable pendrive)Boot up the computer/laptop whose files do you want to openWhen the computer turns on press f2(opens BIOS setup)In the BIOS set up select BIOS preference as USBShut down the computerNow insert your pendrive and start the computer againNow the pc will boot up from the pendrive instead of hard disk.Since ubuntu is on pendrive and windows on Hard Disk ,Ubuntu will start .Once ubuntu starts you can view all files stored on the hard disk.
Benefit of using this trick
no one can detect our hacking activity no need to install any third party softwareno need to install any third party hardware 
Drawback we should need BIOS access to successfully do this trick
How to set a BIOS password ? no one can detect our hacking activityno one can detect our hacking activityno one can detect our hacking activityno one can detect our hacking activityno …

Download Pokemon Game new version

This is the link to download latest version of Pokemon GO android app APK

what is pokeman?
Pokemon is a Real world game designed for mobile

You should need following things in your mobile to play Pokemon game
1.Camera support2.GPRS support3.Mobile data or Wifi Internet connection4.You should run to catch pokemon ,you can't sit and play this game :DHow to find a Pokemon ? 
To find a Pokemon, you have to walk around outside.

How to catch a Pokemon ?
Swipe the Poke Ball toward the Pokemon

How do I get more Pokemon? 
on the lower right-hand corner of the map you can see the indication of nearby Pokemon. Go

Some screen shots 

For safety's sake, never play Pokemon GO when you're on your bike, driving a car, riding a hoverboard, or anything else where you should be paying attention, and of course never wander away from your parents or your group to catch a Pokemon.
Some online games are also there in pokeman website Click here