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Break Windows password

This trick is to unlock windows pc or laptop .

Follow the steps to open up password restricted computer

  1. Install ubuntu OS on a pendrive(Make a bootable pendrive)
  2. Boot up the computer/laptop whose files do you want to open
  3. When the computer turns on press f2(opens BIOS setup)
  4. In the BIOS set up select BIOS preference as USB
  5. Shut down the computer
  6. Now insert your pendrive and start the computer again
  7. Now the pc will boot up from the pendrive instead of hard disk.
  8. Since ubuntu is on pendrive and windows on Hard Disk ,Ubuntu will start .
  9. Once ubuntu starts you can view all files stored on the hard disk.

Benefit of using this trick

  1. no one can detect our hacking activity 
  2. no need to install any third party software
  3. no need to install any third party hardware 

we should need BIOS access to successfully do this trick

no one can detect our hacking activity

no one can detect our hacking activity

no one can detect our hacking activity

no one can detect our hacking activity

no one can detect our hacking activity
no one can detect our hacking activity


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