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Free Linux Disks by post-Free Linux CD or DVD by post

Request Linux CD or DVD by post Now, The Home Delivery is completely free.Just give a request, they will send you CD or DVD free. Today, 17th Sept 2010 is Software Freedom Day, Hacking baby is also participating, so I like to inform you this. These CDs are responsible for introducing many new users to open source software and Ubuntu.
What is Ubuntu ?- Ubuntu is a computer operating system originally based on the Debian GNU/Linux distribution and distributed as free and open source.
To request free Ubuntu CDs delivered directly to your doorsteps, just follow
1.Create a Launch pad Login Service account
You MUST have an account in Launchpad Login Service. Only users Signed In with Launchpad Account can carry on further steps to order .So Go > Click on Create a new account > Enter your currently using email address [Try signing up using a Service like Gmail or Yahoo M] > Type Security Code [CAPTHA code] > Launchpad send you a 6 digit confirmation …