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Make FREE Magazine Cover with your photo

Surprise your friends by changing your favourite photo to a fantasy magazine cover. Enjoy your creation.

1. Visit this link
2. Click upload button (right side)

3. Select your photo
4. Choose a magazine (Supporting 36 magazine covers now) or choose a comic book Image format should be JPEG, GIF, or PNG - May not contain nudity, violent or offensive material 5. Click and drag to position your photo, your can enlarge, shrink your photo 6. Click on save and continue button How do I put my magazine on my website, blog, or profile?. See bottom side of picture, there is a small ad here; we want to delete that portion. 7. Magazine cover is ready now, just press PRINT SCREEN button (Right-Top Side in your keyboard) 8. Open Paint (Click on Start button-Run-Type "mspaint"-Enter) 9. Press CTRL+V or Go Edit Menu - PASTE 10. Click "Select" in Toolbar, Select image portion you want to save 11. Click CTRL+C or Edit Menu - COPY 12. Go Menu File-New 13. Pr…