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Keep up laptop data 100% safe

If your laptop or computer gets stolen ,a reinstalling of OS will remove the password .then everyone can access your computer hard disc data .

To prevent this type data stolen I prefer to set a BIOS password for your system . The BIOS password is not for a particular OS [windows] but for the computer .So no one can login to your computer without your BIOS password

Set BIOS password-Steps

  1. Turn on your PC
  2. Press F2 or F10(opens the BIOS set up)
  3. Use the arrow keys to move to BIOS security
  4. CLICK on administrator password and then enter your preferred password
  5. Save your changes

Now every time you boot up your computer you will be asked for a BIOS password

BIOS password will also not allow anyone to install os from a pen drive like ubuntu
BIOS password will also not allow anyone to install os from a pen drive like ubuntu
BIOS password will also not allow anyone to install os from a pen drive like ubuntu
BIOS password will also not allow anyone to install os from a pen drive like ubuntu
BIOS password will also not allow anyone to install os from a pen drive like ubuntu
BIOS password will also not allow anyone to install os from a pen drive like ubuntu
BIOS password will also not allow anyone to install os from a pen drive like ubuntu

Break Windows password

This trick is to unlock windows pc or laptop .

Follow the steps to open up password restricted computer

  1. Install ubuntu OS on a pendrive(Make a bootable pendrive)
  2. Boot up the computer/laptop whose files do you want to open
  3. When the computer turns on press f2(opens BIOS setup)
  4. In the BIOS set up select BIOS preference as USB
  5. Shut down the computer
  6. Now insert your pendrive and start the computer again
  7. Now the pc will boot up from the pendrive instead of hard disk.
  8. Since ubuntu is on pendrive and windows on Hard Disk ,Ubuntu will start .
  9. Once ubuntu starts you can view all files stored on the hard disk.

Benefit of using this trick

  1. no one can detect our hacking activity 
  2. no need to install any third party software
  3. no need to install any third party hardware 

we should need BIOS access to successfully do this trick

no one can detect our hacking activity

no one can detect our hacking activity

no one can detect our hacking activity

no one can detect our hacking activity

no one can detect our hacking activity
no one can detect our hacking activity

Set shortcut key for applications

Now we can open any application with a keyboard shortcut .Set shortcut keys for your most used applications in windows. You can create your own keyboard shortcuts to open your most used programs.There is no need of any third party applications.

Follow the steps

1. Locate the desired application which you want to assign keyboard shortcut .
2. Right click on the application and select properties
3. Assign a shortcut in the "shortcut key" field to open the application [For example :Type 1 on this "shortcut key" field , then Ctrl+Alt+ 1 will show up as your shortcut key.]
4. Click "Apply " button after assigning the shortcut.
5. Now open the application by using the keyboard shortcut. [ Try Ctrl+Alt+ 1 then your application will open up ]

I have done this idea in windows 7 Operating system


Group Windows Files

We can group our files in Windows to Search / Identify Files easily.See this screen shots,Hope you got the idea [ Pciture1 -Before Group Files,Pciture2 -After Group Files ]

How to Organize/Categorize/Group your files in Windows ? Do this simple step

To Group Windows Files
0.Go to Folder to Organize it
1.Right Click anywhere > Arrange Icons By > Show in Groups
2.Right Click > View >Details [I like this] or  Thumbnails or  Tiles or  Icons [ Don't set as List ]

We can arrange icons by Name,Type,Size
1.Right Click > Arrange Icons By > Type [ I like this ] / Name / Size / Modifies

Rename Multiple Windows files

How to rename multiple files ?.If you have  photos downloaded from mobile or camera,name should be a number (eg 20100920) or name (eg DSC100),all they  have unrecognizable names.How to solve this problem ?

If you have 1000 marriage photos, simply rename all photos to  marriage(1),marriage(2),...marriage(1000). This is great ,right ?

You can rename several similar files at once with the following trick.

  1. Select all photos(Ctrl+A) or specific photos(Press and hold CTRL, and then click each item to select it
  2. Go File menu >Click Rename
  3. Type New Name > Press Enter Key

see screen shots for the reference

This also works for renaming all types of files.

To specify the starting number for the series

Type the starting number in parentheses.For example, if you type marriage(888), the other files will be renamed marriage(889), marriage(890), and so on.


Find out Windows Hidden Files

Most of them are keeping their SECRET FILES as HIDDEN ,We can't find out it when using normal search

How to Find out Windows Hidden Files

Click Start Button > Search > Click All files and folders [or your specified Drive or Folder], and then click More advanced options >Click Search Hidden files and folders > Start search…Hope you got it.
There is also some other options which I marked, this will simplify your searching process.

How to start a search in a Drive or a Folder

Very simple Go to that Drive or Folder > Click Ctrl+S > Happy Searching


Hide Files using Picture

Today I am going to write a love letter to her.I am always using notepad to write something.But her father is a computer expert,So I created a hack to hide my love letter from HIM,This may help you tooo..

This hack will hide my love letter with a picture

You should install a WinRAR to do this hack -Free Download WinRAR  Free Download WinRAR 

I have

a text file- My Love Letter
an image file-wallpaper
my folder name-Secret
folder located in F: drive
Note:Click on picture to Enlarge
Ok -we can start now

Go F:\Secret > Select all files(Ctrl+A) > Right click mouse >Click on Add to "Secret.rar" >

Now we have three files ,

Now Go Start > Run > type "cmd" and press enter key  > type F: and press enter key> type "cd secret" and press enter key > 

Ok,We are going to hide  my love letter text file using wallapaper picture

Type " copy/b wallpaper.jpg + secret.rar justpicture.jpg  > Press enter key 

 Now go to our folder secret

There is a image - justpicture

Try to open it

Yes,This is just a picture > Copy this picture and give to your lover..

Ok,Now How to retrieve that love letter

Just say her
Right Click on picture >Open with >WinRAR archiver >Double click on MY LOVE LETTER.txt  > Ok,Me completed

I know you like it -This is a perfect trick to send a secret file .
You can hide any files/folder using this trick.
You can use any Drive ,Folder,File names to do this.

This is not a perfect trick to hide your files-We have other tricks to Lock / hide/ make invisible folder 

Run Softwares Automatically When Windows Startup

Some  programs run automatically during the Windows XP startup. This can be done quite easily in XP.

Windows XP has a startup folder located at C:\ Documents and Settings\ (your login name)\ Start Menu\ Programs\Startup. Just paste your program Shortcuts here.Yes you done it

Here I created shortcuts for Firefox,VLC Player,Open Office and placed in startup folder
During Windows startup these programs will run automatically,Check it

How to increase Dialup internet speed

If you are using a slow internet connection(Dialup)-This trick is for you.

Steps to speed up internet

  1. Go to My Computer
  2. Right click
  3. Take Properties
  4. Click on Hardware Tab
  5. Click on Device Manager Button
  6. Click on [+]Ports(COM & LPT)
  7. Double click on your internet connected  Communications Port ( COM1 or COM2 )
  8. Click on Communication Port properties
  9. Port Settings Tab
  10. set Bits per second to Maximum(128000)
  11. Select Flow Control =Hardware
  12. Clik on OK button
  13. Now restart your PC
Check screen shots to get clear idea

Yes,We have done

Hide your Windows Activities

Get Recent Visited Files or Documents

Click on Start Button >My Recent Documents


Click on  Start Button > Documents

See,These all files are visited by you.Anyone can see this- no privacy for you.After your activities in PC ,Just delete these files

How to delete Windows Recent Files  or  Documents 

Go Start Button >Run >Type "recent" >Ok

This will display Recent Folder-Now

Press Ctrl key+ A >Press Delete Button

Ok-Now it is safe...

Solve Windows Low Virtual Memory Problem

Your system may alert "Low Virtual Memory" situation.This is important,So you have to solve it

How to solve Windows Low Virtual Memory Problem

Go Desktop > My computer > Properties > Advanced Tab > Click on Settings button in Performance> Advanced tab > Click on Change button in Virtual Memory > Select System Managed Size [It means Windows automatically adjust your virtual memory size] > OK button > Click on apply button on Performance option Window > Ok > Ok > There is a message to restart your computer > Yes to restart  your computer
I Hope this will solve the" virtual memory too low problem "

If you are using Windows XP2 or new version ,I recommend you should use 1GB RAM to avoid this problem.
Simply A Good PC is  " >1GB RAM+ >2 Mhz Processor "