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Avoid playing whatsapp audio in music player

Trick to avoid playing any whatsapp audio -whatsapp recorded file in music player On your computer, open notepad, don’t write anything and save the file as .nomedia. This will create an empty file on your computer. Make sure that the Save as type is set as “All Files” instead of “Text documents”
Connect your phone to your computeropen up your phone in computertake phone memory > whatsapp folder > media folder > whatsapp audiocopy -paste already created file in to this folder [whatsapp audio]
disconnect your phone from computer and restart mobileNow open music player and check -whatsapp audios will not come up in playlist How it works? This method doesn’t do anything it just stops media files from looking in Whatsapp directory and hence those pictures, videos and audios can be made to disappear. When your media player scans the device for music, it skips any folder containing a .nomedia file Another method if computer is not available Download ES File Explorer from the Google P…